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Who Are Our Typical Clients?

  • We collaborate with healthcare providers seeking exit strategies or with other complex financial transactions.
  • We engage with medical practice proprietors desiring more fulfilling professional pursuits.
  • We serve as the reliable and proven broker for medical practice owners seeking to divest their businesses.

What Are Our Clients' Most Common Needs?

  • Our clients seek a career transition plan that secures financial stability for themselves and their families.

  • Our clients require a trusted and knowledgeable advisor for making informed decisions concerning their medical practices.

How Do We Assist Clients in Achieving Their Goals?

We partner with clients to develop a tailored plan to realize their objectives. By Leveraging our expertise and industry relationships, we successfully work with you to execute the right strategy for selling your medical practice.

We've Been Selling Medical Practices for over 20-Years

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Allen Goldstone


Mr. Goldstone has played instrumental roles in the development and guidance of numerous medical enterprises. Notable examples encompass:

  • Healthwatch Medical Centers, a venture he co-founded and nurtured into a network of 75 physicians, providing care to over 80,000 patients annually, ultimately culminating in its acquisition by HCA, the largest hospital operator in the United States.
  • Magella Healthcare, where he successfully secured $40 million in private equity funding, leading to its eventual acquisition by Mednax (NYSE: MD).
  • Advisory contributions to the strategic sales of seven Memory Disorder research sites.
  • Serving as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for a NASDAQ-listed biotech firm, Tago Inc., where he represented two mutual funds.

John Venette

Director of Finance

Mr. Venette has an extensive background in senior financial roles within both accounting firms and corporate settings. He has achieved notable success in executing transactions with companies backed by private equity, collaborating with distinguished firms such as Deloitte, Price Waterhouse, and other major entities. His expertise encompasses government reporting, financial research, strategic planning, due diligence, and the full spectrum of accounting functions vital for the successful conclusion of complex financial transactions.

Evelyn Logan

Financial Analyst

Ms. Logan, a certified public accountant (CPA), possesses profound expertise in financial management and the detection of security fraud. She contributed her insights and knowledge to the Colorado Governor’s Task Force on Fraud. In her prior role, she effectively oversaw accounting, finance, and facilities operations for a  $1 billion per annum engineering services corporation.

Erica Lin

Medical Analyst

Ms. Lin held the esteemed position of Neurologist in China, where she served as the Head of the Neurology Department at Nanjing First Hospital. Since her relocation to the United States, Ms. Lin has specialized in caring for patients with Memory Disorders.

Scott Dunn


Mr. Dunn currently holds a partnership position at the law firm of Flanders, Elsberg, Herber, and Dunn. In addition to his legal pursuits, he has dedicated his time and expertise as a Board Member for the Longmont Humane Society and previously served as the Chairperson of the Elevations Credit Union Foundation.

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About healthwatch partners

Healthwatch Partners are seasoned experts specializing in advising medical providers throughout intricate financial transactions, including the sale of their medical practices. Healthwatch Partners originated from Healthwatch Medical Centers, a network of Urgent Care Centers based in Denver, Colorado. Co-founded by Henry Roth MD, Sanford Schwartz, and Allen Goldstone. Starting with its original location in a vacant grocery store, Healthwatch expanded to eight locations, providing care to over 80,000 patients annually. This culminated in its acquisition by HCA, the largest hospital operator in the United States. The professionals at Healthwatch Partners collaborate closely with healthcare providers, comprehensively managing all facets of a transaction, including legal and accounting matters. This integrated, all-in-one approach simplifies the transaction process and promotes cost-efficiency. Over the past two decades, Healthwatch has exclusively garnered clients through referrals from satisfied medical providers, attesting to its reputation for excellence in the field.

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